January 3, 2005


Typhoon and Storm Surges

The Fifteenth (2005) ISOPE Seoul Conference

COEX Convention Center,  Seoul, June 19-24

As part of the 8 coastal engineering sessions, 9 papers on Typhoon and Storm Surges will be presented at COEX Convention Center, Seoul, Korea, June 19-24, 2005. This session is organized as part of the 15th International Offshore and Polar Engineering Conference & Exhibition (ISOPE-2005) with 91 sessions.


The Coastal Hazards Warning System Based on the Operational Wave and Storm Surge Models           

Yeh, S P, National Cheng Kung University; Lee, B C, Huafan University; Doong, D J, Kao, C C, National Cheng Kung University; Kuo, C L, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan-China


Hindcasting of Storm Surges in Korea by Typhoon 0314 (Maemi)      

Kawai, H, Port and Airport Research Institute, Japan; Kim, D S, Korea Maritime University; Kang, Y K, Samsung Corp, Korea; Tomita, T, Hiraishi, T, Port and Airport Research Institute, Japan


Storm Surge Resonance during the Passage of Typhoon "Maemi"    

Kang, Y Q, Pukyong National University, Korea


Application of Numerical Simulation and Correlation Method in Calculating Storm Surge Elevation with Certain Return Years

Wang, X Q, Ocean University of China, China


Estimation of Storm Surge Caused by Typhoon 0315 (Maemi) in Masan Bay, Korea   

Kang, S W, Jun, K C, Korea Ocean R&D Institute, Korea


Response of Narugashima Beach to Severe Storm Caused by Typhoon No.10 2003     

Arimitsu, T, Kansai Electric Power; Deguchi, I, Araki, S, Osaka University; Japan; Zhang, Y Z, Nanjing University, China


Characteristics of the Storm Surge and High Waves in Coast Area of the Southeast Korea during the Typhoon Maemi 

Ryu, C R, Yoon, H S, Pukyong National University, Korea


Coastal Water Level Variation due to Storm Surges at Busan Harbor             

Lee, J W, Korea Maritime University; Kwon, S H, Busan Port Authority; Kim, K M, Korea Maritime University, Korea


Mitigation of Abnormally High Storm Surge at Tosa Bay by Construction of Breakwater          

Shibaki, H, ECOH Corp; Kim, J I, GeoSystem Research Corp; Tanabe, M, Kochi Ports and Airport Construction, Japan


The final ISOPE-2005 Seoul conference program of 91 sessions and the updates are being posted on www.isope.org


By Coastal Engineering Group, ISOPE International Hydrodynamics Committee