OCEAN ENERGY I: Offshore Wind


Design of Monopile Foundations for Large Offshore Windturbines – Experiences from the First Projects Offshore the British Coast

Gjersøe, N F, Brendstrup, C, LICEngineering, Denmark


Evaluation of Different Damage Prediction Methods for Support Structures of Offshore Wind Energy Converters

Kleineidam, P, Schaumann, P, Univ of Hannover, Germany


Certification of Offshore Wind Farms

Klose, M, Dalhoff, P, Germanischer Lloyd WindEnergie, Germany


Intelligent Wind Turbine Generator with Tandem Rotors Applicable to Offshore Wind Farm

Kanemoto, T, Galal, A M, Inada, Y, Konno, Y, Kyushu Inst of Tech, Japan


Applications of Long Distance HVDC-/AC Cable Transmission Systems for Grid Access to Remote Offshore Oil&Gas/Windpark Installations

Christl, N, Weinhold, M, SIEMENS, Germany





Dynamic Behavior of Novel Vertical Axis Tidal Current Turbine: Numerical and Experimental Investigations

Coiro, D P, Nicolosi, F, De Marco, A, Melone, S, Montella, F, Univ of Naples “Federico II“, Italy


Optimal Damping Profiles for a Heaving Buoy Wave-energy Converter

Nolan, G A, Ringwood, J V, Butler, S, National Univ of Ireland, Maynooth, Ireland


Investigation of Seasonal Variation of Wave Energy Density around Jeju Sea Based on Long-term Simulated Wave Data

Hong, K Y, Shin, S H, Korea Res Inst of Ships and Ocean Eng, KORDI; Ryu, H J, Hongik Univ, Korea


Experimental Study on Wave Overtopping Discharge in Sloping Structures for Wave Energy Converter

Shin, S H, Hong, K Y, Korea Res Inst of Ships and Ocean Eng, KORDI, Korea


Design of a Stand Alone Wave Energy Plant

Muthukumar, S, Desai, R, Jayashankar, V, Santhakumar, IID Madras, India; Setoguchi, T, Saga Univ, Japan


A Proposal of Energy Extracting Float

Hadano, K, Koirala, P, Watanabe, M, Yamaguchi Univ, Japan